Tucson Division Circle K Stores

John Simmons 

Past Human Resources Manager 

"With 97 store locations in Tucson, and as unpredictable as the Convenience Store business can be, we are very pleased to have an individual who is willing to go to our locations to perform her services.  Melissa has proven to be flexible in her ability to get to our many locations when needed.  We have never had any issues with the paperwork that Melissa completes that we in turn send to the State."

Playmaxx, Inc.

Coleen Olsen 

"Working for Child Protective Services for seven years, in child care for an additional year, and as the current manager of a child based store; I have seen many workers who do not put as much care, energy and compassion into their work the way Melissa has done constantly.  I highly recommend her for her services and attitude."

Teen Outreach Pregnancy Services

Cindy Ostrander 

Mentoring Coordinator 

"Melissa McCoy has been providing fingerprinting services for our organization since January 2006.  Melissa's work has always been excellent and professional.  There have never been any problems with poor quality or rejected prints.She also goes an extra measure by scheduling appointments at times and locations that work for our staff and many volunteers. I would highly recommend Melissa for your fingerprinting needs!"

St. Elizabeth of Hungary Clinic

Maria Elena Acuna 

Associate Director 

"I would highly recommend Melissa McCoy as a fingerprint service consultant with her Ink & Roll business.  We first contacted Melissa in January 2006 and have remained with her to do our agency fingerprinting.  Her process and techniques are excellent and is accommodating to our needs.  She is easy to work with and always has a positive attitude."

Tucson Mobile Fingerprinting


Shannon Rasmussen 

Past Regional Director, Tucson Area 

"Melissa is commissioned by the State of Arizona to roll fingerprints. Currently she runs Ink & Roll Mobile Fingerprinting.  

Mini-Skool Early Learning Centers uses this service to fingerprint their employees. Melissa has always proven to me to be a forth coming and dedicated individual..and sticks to her values."